We're Bravand

A leading, independent, female-led digital agency.

We design and build all sorts of things that people interact with on screens.

We specialise in four core services:
1. Business analysis: understanding a problem and articulating how a solution will actually work
2. Systems: designing and building what's going off behind the scenes to make this thing work
3. User Experience (UX): mapping and designing every interaction across each user journey
4. Delivery: simply put, Bravand gets t!sh done

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This bunch of marvellous, talented and excitable people is what powers everything we do and achieve here at Team Bravand. We all have very different skillsets that may or may not be relevant when we work with you. So don’t get upset if you don’t end up working with all of us. K?

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Working with Jilly, Ross and the whole Bravand team has been a great experience. We initially felt that ours was a very unique situation and project and maybe a little too niche for an agency to get involved. But how wrong we were. From the very first meeting, Jilly put us at ease and really understood our challenges and brief. We’re very happy with the results and now have a range of assets to help us get the word out about our fantastic new features.Thanks again team Bravand!

The Bravand “review” of our other site was a true eye opener. Brutal at times, yet brilliantly presented, the team pinpointed key areas of real concern that really needed to be addressed and why. It was a truly valuable experience that forced us to focus on the most important thing, our users…

Kelly Canterford MRICS
Property Needs You

“We love working with Team Bravand - they're friendly, responsive, collaborative - and have created exactly what we need, an easy to use interface that really showcases research and educational insights and, crucially, the links between the two. We always feel they’ve got our back.”

Giacomo Piccoli

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