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We do User Research and Testing, Project Management, Scoping, Strategy, UX, Wireframes, Prototypes, Design, Software Development, Systems Architecture, SEO, Social Content, Lead Generation, Animation and more.

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Creative content

Content writing


UX Roast

Market Research




Wordpress Content Management System (CMS)

User guide / Training

Information architecture

UX build

Hosting and support




User research


Project management

UX prototyping


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Web Development

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Product Design

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This bunch of marvellous, talented and excitable people is what powers everything we do and achieve here at Team Bravand. We all have very different skillsets that may or may not be relevant when we work with you. So don’t get upset if you don’t end up working with all of us. K?

Top Trumps cards for a bunch of people who work with Bravand.A set of top trump cards of the Bravand team.

The Bravand “review” of our other site was a true eye opener. Brutal at times, yet brilliantly presented, the team pinpointed key areas of real concern that really needed to be addressed and why. It was a truly valuable experience that forced us to focus on the most important thing, our users…

Kelly Canterford MRICS
Property Needs You

“We love working with Team Bravand - they're friendly, responsive, collaborative - and have created exactly what we need, an easy to use interface that really showcases research and educational insights and, crucially, the links between the two. We always feel they’ve got our back.”

Giacomo Piccoli

What we’re seeing, and the feedback we’re getting at this end, from the Editorial Board, the Trustees, Instructors and Learners is that the content is so much more visible, discoverable and accessible, now. It’s so obvious that there are so many additional resources for Instructors and Learners. And that’s exactly what we set out to achieve. Kudos to you and the team - this really highlights why it was so important to spend so much time in that early phase on user research, UX and testing.

Luka Crnjakovic
CORE Economics Education

Our team is made up of some incredible talent. From time to time, they share it through the powerful medium of interpretative dance. Jokes, they do do workshops though...

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