About us

Bravand is a digital design and build company. Behind it is a network of kick-ass digital experts. And behind them? Bravand's Founder, Jilly Cross. She's the one that makes sh*t happen.

Designers, Developers, Project Managers, Researchers, Analysts, Copywriters, Animators and Videographers, plus some other wonderful people. Basically the Royal Flush of networks.

Digital problem solving since 2012

That's nearly a decade of digitalising. Woah. Bravand's been in the business long enough to become a well-oiled machine. We're rather bleddy good at what we do, and we're rather ruddy proud of our achievements to date. Take a look at how we roll here...


years going strong, levelling up, and delivering.


blummin' brilliant freelance remote digital specialists.


projects launched and counting. Gotta love those triple digits.

How we work

When a project comes a-knocking, our core team scopes it out, then brings in the relevant members from the collective to not only deliver, but exceed expectations.

Our approach and structure enables us to deliver the goods you need, with the best team needed to deliver them, without the clunky overheads and cost inflation owned by a more traditional agency model.

There are a few specific stages that most projects do need: eyes right for a more detailed explanation.

Getting to know you

We'll get to know you and really get under to skin of your organisation's mission, vision, aims, culture, characteristics - that sort of thing - so we can put ourselves in its shoes when it comes to project goals and requirements.

This sets your Project Manager up for being your champion at our end.

Getting to know your users

We always conduct user research - e.g. focus groups, interviews, workshops - with a range of people. It is a standard part of our process and we couldn’t do the great work we do without this crucial element.

We need to make sure everyone is working with users in mind.

Project leadership, throughout

The positive feedback we get from clients often centres on "it ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it". And that's what gets results.

Lots of people can design and build digital stuff. Digital stuff can do some of the designing and building of digital stuff, too. But we always say "We've got your back", not "I'll be back".

Blowing our trumpet!

Like we said, we're proud of our achievements. We put our heart and soul into them, and we work really, really, very, incredibly, massively hard - so why wouldn't we shout about them?


Leader of the pack

BIMA (the British Interactive Media Association) is the voice of digital and tech and represents our community of businesses, charities and academia across the UK.

Bravand has been a BIMA member since we were founded in 2012.

And, in 2021, out Founder, Jilly Cross, was celebrated as one of the BIMA 100, which recognises the 100 most influential leaders, pioneers, entrepreneurs and changemakers - the people we all look up to.

Don't be a dick, yeah?

Bravand has achieved Good Business Charter accreditation.

It’s dead simple and any organisation in the UK can sign up, as long as you have responsible business practices and behaviours, of course. The rest of you can just feck the feck off.

GBC measures behaviour over 10 components, including real living wage, employee well-being, diversity and inclusion, environmental responsibility, paying fair tax, commitment to customers, ethical sourcing, and prompt payment.

Click here to learn more about the Good Business Charter.


In 2019, we came in 15th place in a list of UK independent agencies based on client satisfaction.

The list was compiled by The Drum, for The Drum Recommends, which is The Drum's agency recommendation platform.

This was a biggie for us, as it was voted for by our actual clients, based on their actual satisfaction with our actual work.

So there.

Choose your fighter(s)

This bunch of marvellous, talented and excitable people is what powers everything we do and achieve here at Team Bravand. We all have very different skillsets that may or may not be relevant when we work with you. So don’t get upset if you don’t end up working with all of us. K?

top trumps cards of Bravand team

The Bravand “review” of our other site was a true eye opener. Brutal at times, yet brilliantly presented, the team pinpointed key areas of real concern that really needed to be addressed and why. It was a truly valuable experience that forced us to focus on the most important thing, our users…

Kelly Canterford MRICS
Property Needs You

“We love working with Team Bravand - they're friendly, responsive, collaborative - and have created exactly what we need, an easy to use interface that really showcases research and educational insights and, crucially, the links between the two. We always feel they’ve got our back.”

Giacomo Piccoli

What we’re seeing, and the feedback we’re getting at this end, from the Editorial Board, the Trustees, Instructors and Learners is that the content is so much more visible, discoverable and accessible, now. It’s so obvious that there are so many additional resources for Instructors and Learners. And that’s exactly what we set out to achieve. Kudos to you and the team - this really highlights why it was so important to spend so much time in that early phase on user research, UX and testing.

Luka Crnjakovic
CORE Economics Education
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