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Launching a new brand via a new website

We've got a fantastic new brand and we want you to design us a fantastic new website, too

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September 22, 2018

New brand - new website

The beautiful branding bods over at Undivided had been working with the team formerly known as Greater London Enterprise (GLE), creating a whole new brand positioning, visual identity and values. With their spot on new story, they now needed a new website on which to tell it.

Yes to the crayons, but hold the code please

Like quite a few clients of ours, Newable has an in-house development team that is more than capable of handling the coding side of things so, on this project, we simply handled the UX and design only. From user journeys, prototypes and fully responsive design templates, we worked hand in hand with branding, dev, marketing, and the CEO, to make sure everyone was happy with the fresh new online look.

The Newable website homepage viewed on a large monitor screenVarious Newable website page designsVarious Newable website page designs

Bravand helped us create an online presence that was able to tell our new story beautifully. As our organisation developed and changed over time, the platform they designed was able to change with it. Modular, effective design was exactly what we needed and they excelled in delivery.

Nick Wright
Marketing & Communications Director
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