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Less about us, more about our customers

A smart new structure, design and plan to maximise the website’s role as a way to convert visitors into clients

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March 19, 2019

We’ve been working with the lovely guys at Newable for many years now. Our first project was designing an almost brochure-like corporate website site with which to launch their new name, new positioning and new structure to the world.

A few years later, and the brochure approach was no longer relevant or working for their ambitious growth plans. We needed a new “hard working” approach – a smart new structure, design and plan that maximised their website’s role as a way to convert visitors into clients.

It’s all about transactions

We looked at the three key ways that Newable helps UK businesses

  • Money
  • Professional support
  • Workspace

And how they actually do that.

We spoke to real business owners about how they search, select and enquire about these three services

We mapped out key user journeys and wireframe prototypes that supported both those business owners that are looking for “soft” transactions (download a report, sign up to updates) versus those that wanted the “harder” ones (attend an event, apply for a loan, book a consultation)

We then developed this into a beautiful mobile first design experience that the Newable in-house development team could take and code up with ease.

Various Newable website page designsThe Newable website viewed on mobileVarious Newable website page designs

Once again, excellent work with the Bravand Team. They continue to keep us focused on the businesses we support, whilst also delivering top notch design with moments of UI genius. Our development team is very excited as the prospect of building what they've designed.

Nick Wright
Marketing & Communications Director
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