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A new marketing website for mental health tech

If there’s one thing the last 18 months has taught us, it’s that pretty much everyone needs a bit of support with the old noggin health.

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November 23, 2021

The importance of noggin health

If there’s one thing the last 18 months has taught us, it’s that pretty much everyone needs a bit of support with the old noggin health. In simple terms, mental health awareness, support services, and where to find them are at the forefront of most people’s minds these days. This is precisely where platforms like Togetherall come in. We built their previous website four years ago after being introduced by a mutual connection, and we’ve worked together on various bits and bobs here and there since, which you can read about in our last case study here.

tweaks ahoy

But things change, and nothing ever lasts as long as you think it’s going to. Except for January. And Lord of the rings. So after their rebrand last year and a significant investment allowing them to go ahead, we kicked off a complete overhaul of the site in March 2021.We talked about the update to global user access in our last case study. Still, Togetherall’s user volumes in the USA and Canada have grown significantly, so the multi-site components needed some tweaking to meet local market demands and content requirements.

the people-focused narrative

Togetherall is a platform for organisations such as universities to pay for and provide access to their employees/students/people of choice, so another major requirement was the clarity needed between end-user content and potential customer content.

As with most of our projects, to ensure we map out a user journey with the most impact and efficiency, we carried out intensive user research to get things started. With some training under our belts to prepare for handling any potentially sensitive discussions, we set up 1:1 interviews with potential users and buyers. We needed to find out what they thought of the site, its competitors, and our initial proposals for the design and mapping of the new model.

Our research findings confirmed that better design flow was needed, with clear funnelling of audiences to their correct destination. Whether you’re a buyer or a user, having the right educational info in front of you when you land there is absolutely necessary, and it should be super easy to take the next step. Therefore, the differing types of content and information for the buyer vs user audiences needed to be much more straightforward so that a visitor from either group would know whether they’re in the right place or not (and be hip hopped outta there if they weren’t). But the feedback didn’t end there. Many of our interviewees expressed a desire to see a much more people-focused narrative to the site. They wanted to know the culture of the Togetherall team, understand what and who they were buying into, and see real people with real stories represented in the site review sections.

buzz light-years ahead

With people-focused design in mind and acknowledging that buyer visitors are still people, we carved out vital common content areas to cater to both audiences, with a velvet rope between the two in the form of visual and content queues to steer everyone to the right places. We set up wireframes with empathy mapping, implemented the new branding, fleshed out a detailed team page, added real people stories, and used different colour sets and tones of voice per audience.Everyone agrees the new platform is light years ahead of the previous design and truly echoes the ethos of Togetherall.  Real people, with great tech, supporting real people.

We’re now live here and about to get cracking on further improvements, so stay tuned for Togetherall 2.1!

Visit the Togetherall website.

A person checking the Togetherall website on their mobileAn example of the creative treatment used on Togetherall's websiteThe Togetherall website homepage viewed on a large Mac screen

Togetherall is much more able to learn about our audiences and adapt the site quickly to serve new content in a continuous cycle of improvement. From an admin perspective, serious consideration went into the configuration of the Word Press components in a way that provides maximum flexibility in the CMS but without any clunky UX or complexity. The go-live week was the smoothest site launch I had ever done; we had a lot of migration risks, but there were no major issues, the site speed was fantastic and we saw minimal SEO impact from the switch over.

Phillip Nicholls
Head of Content Marketing
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