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Full control, smooth nav., global functionality

"Design and build a new marketing website that provides a welcoming entry point to our metal health tech platform"

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April 17, 2020

Great work for a great cause.

Togetherall is an online community network with a purpose. Providing crucial mental health support to millions of people globally, through a rigorously safe community of members supporting each other, as well as unique courses and resources. They needed us to design a new website for them, that would deliver a welcoming and easily navigatable environment.

Full control, smooth navigation, global functionality. On it.

We shared our designs and ideas with the team each step of the way, affording them full control over the look and feel of the finished product. With global user access and smooth navigation being key to functionality, we built a multi-location, multi-language site that can be rolled out by them wherever they like, whenever they like. With limited ongoing input needed from us.

The result? Everyone was happy as Larry!

In fact, they were so pleased with what we delivered that they bolted on two extra feature requests. Our specialist writers were brought in to pull together user guide documentation for the new Togetherall platform. Then we wheeled out our animation skills to put together a lovely little piece of info video, resulting in even clearer service messaging for potential new users.

Triple whammy. Sorted.

You can't visit the iteration of the Togetherall website that this article talks about, because it doesn't exist anymore! We've since redesigned and rebuilt the Togetherall site based on new requirements. You can read more about that, here.

Or, you could just visit the latest iteration of the Togetherall website.

The Togetherall marketing website home page viewed on mobileThe Togetherall marketing website home page viewed on desktopVarious Togetherall marketing website page designs

I just wanted to say its been such a positive experience working with the team at Bravand, you got under the skin of who we are and brought real expertise and confidence to the process. The site looks fantastic, the CMS system is first class and, along with the flexibility of the overall design, is something you we would have expected on a much bigger budget project. Looking forward to working with you again on our next project!

Suzie Cullen
Chief Marketing Officer
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