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August 8, 2021

The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust (The EPT) aims to provide information, support and education to those experiencing early pregnancy loss through ectopic pregnancy.

Their website was already performing well for on-site visitors, searches and SEO ranking, but it was old and hadn’t been updated for quite a number of years. Aside from traffic generation and load speed, the one vital performance element of a support site like this is the ease at which visitors can find what they need. So they required a redesign, and we’re happy to say they chose us for the job!

Support at the forefront

The vast majority of our focus was on the beneficiaries of the charity’s services; this meant that vital information about ectopic pregnancy and The EPT’s support services needed to be at the forefront of the site. Also important were sections on how people could go on to support the charity itself eg through fundraising and donating. Visitors could also find the important work of the charity in informing and supporting healthcare professionals on ectopic pregnancy. How a website can advise and support people during a very traumatic experience is at the forefront of our job.

User research

User research was therefore essential in rebuilding the platform. The EPT connected us with their volunteers and Facebook group members, most of whom had experienced an ectopic pregnancy. Our team received specialist training in interviewing people about difficult and traumatic experiences, and we managed a series of online interviews across the different user groups.

These equipped us with the necessary understanding to make this website work its hardest.

Information architecture

Simple, empathetic design (not too busy), searchable, digestible information architecture. With content that reflected the mindset of visitors at the time of experience. Questions, questions, questions.

We made the fantastic community forum more prominent and reorganised the content, before adding new pieces, reshaping the layout, and adding anchored text links to allow quick access to the correct information. In addition, to ensure no question was left unanswered and visitors could consistently and efficiently report feedback or request further support, we added a floating ‘get help’ action button accessible from any part of the website.

On the flip side – never ignore an important stakeholder like the actual client team itself, ease of content management system design was a must!

Web admin beauty

Our developing unique content management platform, based on WordPress but customised to be the most usable component page builder we could make, is a true thing of web admin beauty. Happy clappy hands from the EPT web admin team were experienced during training, and the client even shared a “my CMS is better than your CMS” story a few weeks after go-live.

With the redesign complete, we felt confident that any new visitor would receive the comprehensive support they needed, know what steps to take next, and feel comforted by the community element throughout the process.

Visit the EPT website.

Various Ectopic Pregnancy Trust website page designsSomeone visiting the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust website home page on their mobileSomeone visiting the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust website home page on their laptop

When we had our first conversation with Bravand, there was already another web developer that we had in mind and I said to myself: Bravand has to prove that they are something very special to beat the other option”. Well, they did just that! From our very first conversation, Jilly and team have understood the heart of what we were seeking to achieve both practically and, just as importantly, the look and feel of the site. Bravand operates with professionalism, integrity, and creativity, with a good dose of excellent humour!”

Munira Oza
Executive Director

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