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Team Bravand reaches milestone result for the EPT

Team Bravand delivers against promise of page one on Google for the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust

Project management
September 19, 2022

Yeah we know, stop blowing your own trumpet ya massive self promoters!
But that’s actually the point of this website - and this trumpet is worth blowing (TWSS*).

Following an excellent responsive, headless, website design and build project with the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust (The EPT), our 2022 focus shifted from website design and build to comms, promotion and search engine optimisation.

What did your client ask you to do, Team Bravand?
Well Ant or Dec, we’re glad you asked - whilst branded terms were ranking well for the EPT, non-branded terms, like errr, ECTOPIC PREGNANCY weren’t performing that well. We were pretty far down the pecking order and our content review during the web redesign process didn’t help either. BUT that content review was needed and both our team and the beautiful client team were willing to ride a short term storm of SEO badness in order to make our user experience (UX) better.

Our challenge, which we are always happy to accept, was to get the EPT as far up the ruddy rankings for “ectopic pregnancy” as possible.

What did you do to solve this SEO problem, Team Bravand?
Well, what would any excellent digital collective do… we got the SEO specialists involved! We brought in Margaux Marshall and her SEO expertise to sort our shizzle out.

Margaux and her team brought with them a month on month strategy, they prioritised keywords, they optimised content, they briefed in technical SEO changes, they sorted out some schema… They worked with our top of class digital project manager Ashanee, and copywriter Katharine to push our client team for new and interesting content that would get our site working its hardest for them google spiders, dagmanit!

What did you achieve Team Bravand?
Well, 4 months on and we’re now ranking NUMBER EFFING SIX for the term ectopic pregnancy, yo!

Yes, we’re ranking behind the NHS, Mayoclinic and Healthline but hey, all of those fabulous sites are Google partners and, in all honesty, there’s no way we want to compete with the NHS when it comes to search performance on a very serious medical condition.

What's more we're not stopping here - as most of those in the SEO know how, optimising is an ongoing thing, the key is in the term being in present tense - and as the EPT's retained digital agency, we are determined that position number 4 will be ours.

Watch this space...

What do I need to do if I want results like these, Team Bravand?
Contact us- contact us and tell us your major malfunction.
Whether it’s UX, design, web development, or SEO, we can help you - or if we can’t, it’s 99.9% possible that we know someone that can.We DARE YOU to consider the possibility of actually achieving what you need to and NOT be pissed off with your digital agency…

*that's what she said - we know, we're pathetic...

Image of Google search results for ectopic pregnancy featuring the ectopic pregnancy trust and logo
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