What you really need to know about us

Yeah yeah, we create award winning work in a team spread across several timezones but what’s it actually like to be part of the Bravand collective?

We pay invoices faster than you can say 30 day terms

When working on our project, we expect you to spend your time and energy on being the brilliant, creative, geeky, questioning, collaborative person you are. We do not expect your time and energy to be wasted on chasing paperwork. We run a payment run twice a month – if we have the cash in the bank to pay your invoice, we do it. We haven’t analysed the data yet but we’re pretty confident that 95% of our invoices are paid early. (That 5% was down to not setting up a direct debit in time – grrr).

Like working from home? SO DO WE!

We’ve been working remotely for over 5 years now. We’re happy for all team members to work when they want, where they want, as long as the timelines are met and the work is on brief. Every now and then we may need to meet as a team or with a client, and we have all the workspace memberships and post it notes to make that work too. But if a team call will do, we’ll stick with that – and if you haven’t done your hair yet, we’re cool with you keeping the video off…

Projects that solve real problems

If you’re looking to spend days resizing 1001 banner ads, then we’re not for you. We work on projects with real challenges. Every project we work on involves challenges, learnings and development of all of our skills – leaving you with a great addition to your body of work and skill stack.

Credit where credit is due

Guess what – you can be both part of Team Bravand AND run your own thing at the same time! We never ask any of our talented people to keep quiet about being freelance or owning a company of their own. We’re honest about it to each other, to our clients and to the world. If we can show the work publicly, then yes, you can use the work we do together for you own personal website and portfolio. In fact, expect the odd tag credit on social media whenever we start blabbing about it ourselves. k?

Calling all talent!

We're ready to level up and deliver sh*t load more client projects.
To do that, we need more people.

We need you

If you can work with us to deliver brilliant work for clients – we want to feel the fibre of your fabric.

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    Hello? Is it us you’re looking for?

    If you tick any of these boxes, we’d love to talk:


    • UI/UX-ers
    • Animators
    • Graphic Designers


    • Product Managers
    • Project Managers
    • BAs


    • Data Modellers
    • Developers
    • Testers


    • Copywriters
    • Social Media Planners
    • Content Creators
    “Working with Bravand is like a breath of fresh air.
    Projects are planned and managed professionally.
    Invoices are paid promptly and we always feel valued and fully supported by the Bravand team.”
    Kevin Holloway, Finesse

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