Joining the Bravand Digital Collective as a ‘Technical Novice’

furious googling. In May last year I had the good fortune to be introduced to Jilly Cross and the wonderful group of technical wizards who make up the Bravand Collective; a group of people dotted around the globe who make projects happen in a way I have not witnessed before.  Jilly was on

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Why would we be happy to hire Gordon Ramsay as a UX designer?

Have you ever watched Gordon Ramsay's kitchen nightmares?  If so, you could say you already know what a good UX process should look like and what it should achieve. The series hosted by the famous British chef with multiple Michelin stars, in which he is invited by the owners to spend a week

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2021: Bravand’s end of year wipe

Wotcha! We're keeping the copy short and sweet on this one because everything we need to say we've said in the (subtitled) video embedded below. Me (Ross Musgrove) and Jilly (Bravand's founder) just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who's been a part of this whirlwind of a year including

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Performing a Website UX Review

If you're just getting started in the realm of UX journey mapping and website reviews, or you're about to embark on a review of your own website, these simple three tips from our very own Alexa should help you get started. Think like a user When analysing the product put yourself in

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3 tips to getting started on PR

with Kelly Topping 1) Find the human angle Whether you’re in finance, travel, luxury, HR or something completely different, every business is interesting if you can find the human angle. The challenge is to find the stories that resonate with other people, and that means stories about real people. From your customers

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Anti-Racism Pledge Update

by Jilly Cross, founder of Bravand. Hey there, Mid last year (2020 - for those that might also be losing track) - I, along with many other business owners across industry declared solidarity with our black fellow human beings and a commitment to doing our part, showing up, and being anti-racist. on

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Free at-home learning tools for kids

at-home learning while at-home working.  We used to be called Jilly Cross and Ross Musgrove. Then we were Mummy and Daddy. Now we're just 'The Joker' and 'Batman.' Stripped of our identities as a side effect of our children spending every waking hour with us. Having lots of time with them is genuinely

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Happy Birthday Bravand

Bravand turned 8 this week. Not one of the huge milestones, but the level to which this little business of ours has changed in a matter of 12 short months has been astounding and down right scary. They* say that when a kid turns eight, they start to develop more refined skills, perfecting

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The Transformation of Workshops

We can't remember the last time we didn't have to use the dreaded C word in one of our articles. No not that one. Covid-19. The ability to learn is just one of the many aspects of life which has changed significantly in 2020. When we joined the Heart of the City programme

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Know Your Audience

A recurring theme When we edited our 'Beginner's Guide' workshop video series last month, we noticed that 'knowing your audience' was a recurring theme from host to host. It's a leading component of what so many of us do. Web Design. App Development. Social Media Strategy. Facebook Ads. Google Analytics. Branding. If you're an

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