You could do worse than the best option going...

Looking for an end of term gift for a special teacher, headteacher, deputy headteacher, teaching assistant, nursery staff, lunchtime staff and caretaker? Me too!

Hang on... I've found one - the Sheffield Gift Card*!

You: "Why's that good, Ross?"

Well I'll tell you.

✅ Teachers want it - a May 2023 survey (voted by actual teachers) found that gift cards are the best gifts thanks to the flexibility they offer (honest)
✅ Budget friendly - because the recipient can put it towards something they actually want / need. Go on duck, treat thissen!
✅ The choice is theirs - 83 businesses currently accept the Sheffield Gift Card
✅ Spend with shops, restaurants, salons and more - so much flexibility
✅ A journey of local discovery - unrivalled local choice and the chance to enjoy the local businesses they love and ones they haven't discovered, yet

Whether it's a gift from your family, or your class WhatsApp group** that's clubbing together to buy, you could do worse than the best option going...

Full disclosure - this is a Bravand client. But don't let that put you off. Have a look and make your own bloody mind up!

* it's not just a Sheffield thing. There are 93 programmes across the UK, plus Ireland, USA and Canada. I'm just focussing on Sheff because I want our local programme to smash all the others.

** every school WhatsApp group has a sub-group where they talk about other ppl in the main WhatsApp group. If you're not in a school WhatsApp sub-group, you're the person they're talking about (Scummy Mummies, 2023).

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