Raising aspirations and improving the life chances of young people

Been a bit slow out of the blocks with Bravand’s young people / digital careers stuff, but it’s all kicked-off again, this week.

Jilly was at King Ecgbert School on Monday for a Year 12 Careers Day Talk. Thanks to Abi Merritt for having us along.

I was at Holgate Meadows Community School on Tuesday morning, doing a careers in digital workshop for some of their students. Thanks to Adele Hetherington for setting that setup before breaking up for Mat Leave. Was a great session thanks Daniel Nelis and I’ll be back again, soon.

We’ve got our next full day session with UTC Sheffield City Centre at the end of this month. Jilly and I bringing my old mate Adrian Hattersley along for the ride. Thanks to Tom Helliwell for inviting us back. We’ve got a real good thing going, yeah…

And we’re also talking to:

  • Doncaster College
  • Forge Valley School
  • Parkwood Academy
  • The Sheffield College
  • Talbot Specialist School
  • UTC Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park

I'm in the process of pulling together the Challenge Briefs for these 1-day workshops from organisations in my network. Challenge briefs are genuine problems faced by organisations, that we coach the young people through the process of responding to.

Thanks to everyone that’s given us Challenge Briefs, so far:

Thanks, as always, to the fanatic team at See it Be it in Sheffield for helping bring all of this together: Charlotte, Cheryl, Craig, Graham and Samantha love your work 👏👏👏

There’s a lot of opportunities (if there aren't, you can make them…) to get involved and help build a diverse talent pipeline here in Sheffield, to meet the needs of employers, like us, in Sheffield.

You’ll find more at the See it Be it in Sheffield website, including a portal listing live opportunities.

About See it Be it
Sheffield City Council's See it Be it in Sheffield campaign brings to life the world of work for young people in Sheffield and helps to raise aspirations and improve their life chances. They work with schools, colleges and other educational organisations, helping to link them with local employers and businesses to provide meaningful employer encounters and experiences of the workplace.

Good chat with Terry Murphy of Sheffield Social Enterprise Network about where we take this. Thanks to Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and South Yorkshire's Community Foundation for launching the Social Enterprise Growth Accelerator (SEGA🦔🦊). More on that, later.

If you want a chat about any of this, just drop me a line - 07799 885 950 / ross@bravand.com.

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