Know Your Audience

A recurring theme When we edited our 'Beginner's Guide' workshop video series last month, we noticed that 'knowing your audience' was a recurring theme from host to host. It's a leading component of what so many of us do. Web Design. App Development. Social Media Strategy. Facebook Ads. Google Analytics. Branding. If you're an

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Bravand appoints Jen Tree for a spot of social content managing

At a time where everyone is sat at their computers, developing and publishing content that will hopefully mean they can ride this thing out, Bravand Limited has gone and hired themselves a freelance content manager. Jen Tree made it official this week by changing her LinkedIn profile. That said, she has been working with

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Bravand goes hard (copy)

Yep, we gone done ourselves a bit o' print, y'all! How does a small, nimble, pretty darn creative collective of digital professionals get themselves in front of clients that they really want to work with? Email? That’s a whole lot of data work for a channel that considers a 7% open rate as

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The mullet approach to web design

Team Bravand won a bloody lovely new client in Feb. Now, whilst I’d like to think the sheer dazzling style of the presenter and lead PM was the thing that really nailed it (me, I mean me…), I have since been informed that it was not. It was in fact one slide that summarised

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Take my kids!

Once upon a Tuesday... Yesterday I visited a client’s office to test a scanning device for a project I’m working on. During my time there, I engaged with other people sitting in the office – standard chit chat (gosh, isn’t it hot? Like really hot. Too hot? Yeah probably too hot..). At one

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