The mullet approach to web design

Team Bravand won a bloody lovely new client in Feb. Now, whilst I’d like to think the sheer dazzling style of the presenter and lead PM was the thing that really nailed it (me, I mean me…), I have since been informed that it was not. It was in fact one slide that summarised our

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Why would a web design agency use a theme for their website?

Welcome to our new website – launched in October 2018 and, to ruthlessly steal an old strapline from a major quality retailer, never knowingly finished. We have to admit, this journey has been hard. If we were to do it again, we’d probably hire a web design agency to do it for us

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Take my kids!

Once upon a Tuesday... Yesterday I visited a client’s office to test a scanning device for a project I’m working on. During my time there, I engaged with other people sitting in the office – standard chit chat (gosh, isn’t it hot? Like really hot. Too hot? Yeah probably too hot..). At one

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