Collection Pot Teams App Launch


Collection Pot has been leading the way in online group / collective giving for some time, providing a straightforward way for friends, colleagues, community projects and fundraisers to quickly gather some serious coin for family members, friends, workmates and charities. According to Gov.UK, almost 50% of employed people in the UK have

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Know Your Audience


A recurring theme When we edited our 'Beginner's Guide' workshop video series last month, we noticed that 'knowing your audience' was a recurring theme from host to host. It's a leading component of what so many of us do. Web Design. App Development. Social Media Strategy. Facebook Ads. Google Analytics. Branding. If you're an

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It’s not about best practice


The Wikipedia definition of best practice is: A method or technique that has been generally accepted as superior to any alternatives, because it produces results that are superior to those achieved by other means or because it has become a standard way of doing things. Doesn't smack of innovation, does it? I can

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Getting started with research


Everything we do at Bravand is underpinned by research. We don’t just get the crayons out and start designing something beautiful that we think people will love. We take the time to get under the skin of a problem. We get out there and talk to people. We prototype and test and iterate.

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Bravand & Anti Racism


Published 23rd June 2020 Equal rights & opportunities For years I have considered this tiny little company as beautifully different. Part of that difference was the ever-present intent to run a team that champions equal rights and opportunities for all. And we’ve done okay - for a (growing) team of 9. We

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How To: Perform your own website audit


Where do you start then, eh? Businesses performing well online has been more crucial than ever for the last few months. Does your online presence help bring home the bacon? We know that time, budget, and resources are limited for many organisations right now, but there's no point running online ads and having

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Bravand Responsible


it's all happenin' here As a collective of digital problem solvers, and non-climate change deniers, we've been making moves to pull our socks up and become a fully-fledged responsible business. From going green to supporting our local community of SME's, it's all happenin' here at Bravand... Aside from paying our people on time,

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Bravand appoints Jen Tree for a spot of social content managing


At a time where everyone is sat at their computers, developing and publishing content that will hopefully mean they can ride this thing out, Bravand Limited has gone and hired themselves a freelance content manager. Jen Tree made it official this week by changing her LinkedIn profile. That said, she has been working with

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Bravand goes hard (copy)


Yep, we gone done ourselves a bit o' print, y'all! How does a small, nimble, pretty darn creative collective of digital professionals get themselves in front of clients that they really want to work with? Email? That’s a whole lot of data work for a channel that considers a 7% open rate as

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