Member organisations, come at us!

Bravand is amassing a wealth of knowledge, experience and capability working on projects with five different membership organisations (see bottom of this article for who). Not something we intentionally set out to do, it’s just sort of happened.

What these organisations do and the various stakeholders they benefit differs, but the briefs all describe a common set of challenges, which also chime with all sorts of other organisations we’re talking to and working with:

  • Current website was launched years and the design focused on one thing. That thing has now changed and that is causing confusion with current and target users.
  • They have outgrown their current website - it is creaking or already broken.
  • Current website appears dated and functions are un-engaging.
  • Current site is flabby, slow, difficult to navigate - user journeys need refining.
  • Various systems (forms, databases, CRM, pdfs and spreadsheets…) and processes (swivel chair integration…) are not scalable and create too much friction and error.

All of these organisations work really hard to deliver value to their various stakeholder groups. There’s so much engaging, forward-thinking stuff that’s happening, but there’s a complete disconnect between the lived experience and what their digital platform portrays.

We’ve experienced this first hand:

  • Joining clients at various regular and flagship events to immerse ourselves as members. The passion, dedication and professionalism is exceptional, obvious and appreciated by attendees. But you don’t get that from their website and / or comms.
  • Going thru convoluted, untrustworthy and generally clunky sign-up and onboarding processes - I’m all for a bit of friction, it can really help. But too much friction starts to chafe.

There’s also a strikingly similar set of circumstances surrounding the different client teams:

  • A small, dedicated team, excellent at their chosen specialist subject. But writing digital project briefs, finding agency partners and managing web overhaul projects is nobody’s day job. And when someone leaves, as they sometimes do, that really impacts the team and your project.
  • Timelines are often extended because the team only has a small amount of time to dedicate to your project. That makes everything much more expensive from a PM perspective. A six month project takes twelve months because the client team doesn’t have capacity to move it along. That adds cost. And, as it takes longer to reach each milestone, it takes longer to trigger payments and release cash.
  • No internal PM - this isn’t just on member orgs, but almost every client! Which is why we step up and offer placing a PM into the client team to make sure things move along…
  • Not really tech savvy - just wants to trust that someone can do it, which often actually means the client wants to know you “get” them:
    - Understand their business
    - Understand their users
    - Understand the politics
    - Chemistry

Your digital presence should be an extension of the wonderful work you deliver. It should be simple, clear and engaging, allowing you to add an element of general connection, which is incredibly important. And all of this should have accessibility and sustainability standards running thru it like a stick of Bridlington rock.

If you are a member organisation or business community and need to:

  • Align your digital presence with the work you do.
  • Tell stories through your website.
  • Build stronger connections with customers.
  • Engage and develop future users / members.

Drop me a line for a chat - / 07799 885 950.

We’re at varying stages of project with these clients:

  • Property Needs You - Bravand’s first client in 2012, Property Needs You is a collaboration between twelve of the UK’s largest real estate consultancies. They work with young people, parents, teachers and careers advisors to help young people make the most of the career opportunities the property sector offers.
    - Click here to read our Property Needs You case study.
  • Financial Services Skills Commission - created following a report that identified the negative impact that skills gaps were having on the competitiveness of the UK financial services sector. The Commission works with its members – spanning banking, insurance, investments, accountancy and more – to address some of the major issues facing skills in financial services.
    - Click here to read our Financial Services Skills Commission case study.
  • Gift Card & Voucher Association - the trade body and membership organisation for gift cards and vouchers. The association represents the key players in the industry, in a market which continues to grow and is estimated to be worth over £7bn per year. The GCVA's role is to keep members up-to-date with trends in the marketplace and legislation, create opportunities for business development, networking and to showcase innovation via their extensive events programme.
    - Note this one is still a work in progress, so nothing to share (and their current digital presence is not a Bravand thing).
  • The Knowledge Quarter - the focal point for one of the greatest knowledge clusters anywhere in the world, located in a small area around King’s Cross, the Euston Road and Bloomsbury. 100+ members are all actively involved in advancing and disseminating knowledge and each offers a dazzling array of knowledge resources. The Knowledge Quarter brings them all together for the first time.
    - Click here to learn a bit more about what we've done for The Knowledge Quarter.
    - Note this one is still a work in progress, so nothing to share (and their current digital presence is not a Bravand thing).
  • The Catenian Association - providing supportive friendship for over a hundred years, The Catenian Association has a focus on the future and busy, modern lives of its members.
    - Note this one is still a work in progress, so nothing to share (and their current digital presence is not a Bravand thing).
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