Bravand appointed discovery and scoping partner by Knowledge Quarter

November has got off to a MARVELLOUS start here, as we’re pleased as punch to announce yet another fascinating and sometimes scarily smart organisation has joined the client list.

Knowledge Quarter has appointed Team Bravand to lead the discovery and scoping phase of their website design and build project.

The Knowledge Quarter (KQ) is the focal point for one of the greatest knowledge clusters anywhere in the world, located in a small area around King’s Cross, the Euston Road and Bloomsbury.

KQ is a consortium of 100+ partner organisations: including:

  • The British Library
  • London Borough of Camden
  • The Alan Turing Institute
  • UCL
  • Wellcome

Organisations of varied shapes and sizes, all with one common goal - advancing and disseminating knowledge.

Bravand was introduced to the Knowledge Quarter by a previous Bravand client, a shared connection. Our business continues to be primarily driven by referrals, conversations over dinner, at events, that sort of thing (bear that in mind, yeah?).

So what will Team Bravand be doing for Knowledge Quarter?

We call it “The Thinking bit” but in traditional digital agency terms, it’s called a website design and build scoping exercise. We always perform an upfront discovery / scoping exercise as part of any project we do - it's bread and butter for us and we couldn't do the good work we do without it.

What will the web scoping exercise look like?

Every web design project is a bit different, as it all depends on each client’s ways of working, stakeholder team, timeline, budget, but the basis of 99% of these scoping exercise consists of the following:

  • Kick-off workshop between our team and KQ’s - we’ll grill them and really get under the skin of the proposition, their requirements, the needs of their audiences and assimilate any existing insights. That sort of thing.
  • Full audit of their current site, how it interacts with other digital platforms within the organisations digital suite, and recommendations of changes, upgrades and redesigns
  • Review the “market” - taking a good look at what others are doing / trying to do. Who are they? What can we learn?
  • User research - talk to key user / stakeholder groups, to see what insights we can glean from them

And just look what they get!

  • Kick-off workshop, minutes capturing info, decisions and actions
  • Draft website design and build project plan - mapping out activities, delivery milestones, review periods, deadlines
  • User research findings report and recommendations
  • Scoping document - report and plan featuring:
  1. Definition and scope of design and build project
  2. Objectives and KPIs
  3. Roadmap (benefit, cost, timeline and priority) for further features and functions we know we may need, post launch
  4. Target user profiling and personas
  5. Key user journeys maps, top tasks, empathy maps, service maps
  6. Proposed information architecture and user experience wireframe designs
  7. Ongoing hosting, support and maintenance deliverables and estimates
"We’re excited to be working with Bravand. They’ve got an interesting model and we “get” the benefits that working with a collective of freelancers will bring to our project. We were introduced by a mutual connection, which really helped us get over the fear of working with someone we didn’t know."

Jodie Eastwood, Chief Executive of Knowledge Quarter London

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