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Break the mould, whilst working inside the lines…

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UX prototyping
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Project management
September 25, 2018

Team Bravand has been a UCL preferred supplier for over 4 years now.

But when we got the pitch invite to work with a whole new department - out with PACE (Public and Cultural Engagement) and in with UCL Culture - that wanted to do wonderful things across culture and community, we just knew that we were going to be doing something special.

Break the mould, whilst working inside the lines…

Our work here involved every element of what we do:

  • Stakeholder workshops
  • User labs
  • Creative partnering with the client’s branding agency, Undivided
  • Technical partnering with UCL’s internal digital presence team
  • Prototyping
  • Creative design
  • Drupal development

The results are stunning, award-winning, completely different to what UCL has ever done design-wise before, whilst also compliant with brand and system guidelines.


Visit the UCL Culture website.

One of the main benefits I enjoyed from working with Bravand was their willingness to make my life just that a little bit easier. This transformation was a huge undertaking for everyone involved, much bigger than building a website (although that was pretty big), and they just mucked in and helped out. Often they went the extra mile, took pain points away and smoothed wrinkles out without question.

Sarah Wishart
Marketing & Communications Manager
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