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A new online home for this groundbreaking course

The website needs to change its role and behaviour to suit a range of user groups with different goals and objectives

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September 18, 2018

The CORE Project is an open sourced platform that exists mainly for use by both students and professionals in higher education that want to explore and understand modern economics.

They needed a new website and after a bit of discussion, they appointed Team Bravand to do it.

Are you logged in or logged out?

Both the beauty and the challenge contained within this project is the variety of user groups and how the site needs to change its role and behaviour to suit each one.

Whilst the front facing logged out site plays welcome to registered users, salesperson to unregistered, and press office to all, the logged in states play resource manager, librarian, and of course support to both students, teachers, lecturers and academics.

The iteration of the CORE website described in this article has been superseded by the current live iteration, which we launched in September 2021.

Visit the CORE website.

NB - the current live version of the CORE website is a newer version than the one described in this case study.

Various CORE website page designsThe "Meet CORE" page from CORE's websiteVarious CORE website mobile page designs

One thing that Jilly and her team offered us that no other agency did was the chance to test them out with a relatively low cost scoping process before signing them up as our confirmed web developer. Not only did this give us the opportunity to clarify exactly what we wanted from the new site, but also confirmed that Bravand was more than capable in helping us achieve it.

Luka Crnjakovic
Head of Strategy and Operations
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