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''The cobbler always wears the worst shoes''

Just redesigned and replatformed your own website and changed hosts, did you? Yeah, looks like it, an' all.

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June 26, 2022

The saying ''The cobbler always wears the worst shoes'' is an old expression that means we spend all our efforts serving others and do nothing to support the very real and apparent needs of ourselves.

This is true of Bravand. We spend all day helping others design and develop ruddy marvellous digital stuff, then realise we should be ashamed of our own website.

Well, no more, I tell you.

And, in eating our own dog food (or Gritty Kitty, as Ren is on this case study's thumbnail and header image), we've remembered how bloody hard it is to be a client.

Thanks to the fabulous team that is Team Bravand, Team Bravand now has a website Team Bravand can be proud of, that showcases what we do, the people that do it, and who we do it for. And, it's well-easy to update, mate. That was a huge issue for us. Our website was holding us back. Holding back our growth.

All thee love for Webflow.

Thank you and Big Love to the following people, big up yourselves:

Visit the Bravand web... ah, what am I saying? You're already here!

Ren off of The Ren & Stimpy Show eating cat litter
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