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"We want you for your brains, not your code..."

Make a global media organisation look like the cool place it is to work in

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Product Design
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UX build
UX prototyping
September 25, 2018

Make us look like the cool place we are to work in

Incisive Media is a global media organisation, specialising in B2B and financial content.

Our first job with Incisive was the redesign and build of their corporate website way way back in 2014.

We want you for your brains, not your code...

After completing a very decent job on the corporate site, we handed over the site to the team's in-house dev team. As that department grew in capacity, we continued working with the team but delivering purely UX thinking and platform design work.

Projects included new multi-site platforms for the media giant's awards programmes, events programmes and marketing solutions offering.

The Incisive Media website homepage viewed on desktop and mobile devices
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