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Help Nigerian Shippers gain a competitive advantage

We’ve designed and built what is essentially a flight tracker for shipping containers.

Project management
UX prototyping
September 6, 2023

Yes! The rumours are true. Believe the hype. We’ve designed and built what is essentially a flight tracker for shipping containers.

Why? Because, believe it or not, if you’re a Nigerian Shipper with a container on a ship, you don’t really know when your container is going to be ready for you to pick up.

That can be a bit of a pain when you consider a container isn’t something you can just pop out, grab and chuck in the boot of your car. Or get someone on an e-bike to drop round your gaff.

There are a range of financial and logistical services that you might need to arrange to ensure your container ends up where it needs to be once it’s landside, for example:

  • Import clearing
  • Export forwarding
  • Haulage
  • Travel & Visa

This all relies on that important question of “When?”.

Another one of those problems we never even knew existed, until we were presented with it. And, being presented with it for the first time we thought; “What?! How can this be??”.

So, Rotor’s new shipping information app solves the problem, meaning, as a person with a container on a ship, I can tell within a reasonable degree of accuracy when my container will be ready to pick up.

And I can arrange my landside services, as a result of knowing when my container will be ready to pick up, through the same app. Pretty neat, huh?

A key part of this is a rotation number function. The rotation number is the unique sequential numbering of a shipment. Surfacing the rotation number in their app means Rotor is digitising a stage of the container importation, transforming it from a cumbersome manual process to automatic in the palm of your hand.

Which is nice.

Launched successfully across both iOS and Google Play - this project is one of those that we personally absolutely love - what was once a short idea discussed over a pint with someone in a pub in Hackney, is now a real product that has the opportunity to really change their business.

Massive thanks to:

  • Rotor for putting their trust in Team Bravand
  • Jodie for her beautiful design across brand identity, logo and UI
  • Alexa for her brilliant UX work - with this much data involved in the interface, it is NOT easy, but it's also VERY fun. It was fun, right?
  • Kevin for his very welcome return to Team Bravand and development across app, CMS and marketing web page

And last, but certainly not least, Agnieszka for truly nailing the project management on this one - both championing the client's interest but also that of our team, from day one at the kick off, all the way to launch.

Congrats everyone - brilliant result.

Check out RotorApp:

Give Ross a shout if you’d like to discuss this project or a project of your own - / 07799 885 950.

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