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Keep it simple, stupid

"We've got Dev covered, but we LOVE your design work and need your help on that"

UX prototyping
Project management
September 23, 2018

Genisys Software is a multi-million pound software development company that works with large scale organisations on large scale digital transformation projects.

We work with them as a satellite UX and design team as and when they need us.

There is no “or” here, we have to make it look good AND work well.

There’s a running theme throughout our work with Genisys and that’s “simplifying the complex”. A majority of the systems we’re required to design have huge reach and impact to the businesses that we’re delivering them for but with audiences that range in technical ability.

Keeping it simple is a major KPI – and we love this sort of design challenge.

A health & safety website page viewed on a laptop screenVarious employee engagement platform page designsVarious logistics platform page designs

We have a great working partnership with Team Bravand. With their UX and design skills, and our development production capabilities, we are able to deliver brilliant products for our clients that truly solve big business problems.

Andy Vickers
Corporate Sales

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