Project Description

UX for client onboarding

As part of their Group change efforts, Schroders required someone to bring user centric design into the design and development of a truly innovative client on boarding process. Jilly saw the opportunity, thought it was up her street, and applied to work within the team, on site, for 3 days a week.

Design thinking, without design

During the 6 month contract, Jilly worked with Schroder’s business analysts, development teams and senior management stakeholders to bring user centric design thinking across 3 digital tools and how they interlink as an innovative, data-led, semi-automated client lifecycle management system.

Jilly’s work included:

  • Stakeholder interviews and requirement gathering
  • Persona creation of key users (internal staff, teams and departments)
  • Information architecture design, detailed user journey mapping and wireframing of priority features across 2 PIs
  • User interviews including introduction of weekly user testing lab programme
  • Testing and sign off of new features and stories

UX Consultancy
Information Architecture