I know, right?… Don’t look a day over five and a half…

Last week we turned six… and I’d known that this had been coming for some time and therefore I should write something about it.

But how do you write something interesting and clever about being six? I mean, it’s just being six.

I am not going to do a top 6 things I’ve learnt from six years in business – I mean who the hell cares for one thing…?And if you DO CARE, you’re not getting that stuff for free, you buy me a nice Elderflower pressé first, dagnamit.

So, I did a bit of desktop research (about six mins).

Did you know that the number six is connected with balance, responsibility and love?*

No, me neither…

Then I did a bit of naval gazing…

We have six services – Digital Strategy, User Research, UX, Creative Design, Development, and Support

We have six case studies on our website (Yes, Emma, I am writing the others…)

… and this is our sixth blog item. Which is kinda freaking me out right now.

But none if this really has anything to do with the fact that we’ve been around for six planetary orbits of the sun now, does it?

So MY use of the number six is to simply say six thank yous, to the folks that make a difference to my world (yeah, I’m stealing from En Vogue and Salt’n’Pepa and I do NOT care).

  1. To our clients – both present and past – you’ve fed us, clothed us, but more importantly let us create stuff and learn stuff on your time – thank you.
  2. To my colleagues – both present and past – who have taken risks with me, learnt lessons with me and generally made me look like I know what I’m talking about – you’re all amazing people I am so proud to have built stuff with
  3. To my partner – who has tolerated, consoled and supported every peak and trough of these last six years and still maintains that I’m a person worth keeping around
  4. To every person that has mentioned us over dinner – yeah, you guys, you guys get us new work – you really do – keep that up, and thanks
  5. To my accountants – big love, the cashbook is on its way
  6. … and to my cleaner – who literally makes coming home every Thursday an absolute joy – when I’m rich and famous, I’m putting you on 6 days a week

That’s it – sixth birthday done. I’m off to start drawing lots of hexagons…

JC x

*If you want to watch some bloke talking more about this from a numerology perspective (which I know we all do) – click here (it’s 6 mins long – not kidding, I’m not even sure he intended it to be – but BE WARNED, you won’t get that six minutes back.

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