A once in a five year opportunity!


Bravand announces first rate card lift in five years whilst also turning it into a blatant sales opportunity with “buy now and get last year’s rate card” offer.

The time has come, after over five years of Bravand pricing our work at way below market rate against our fellow UK digital agencies, we need to up our prices a little.

The new Bravand rate card launches on 1st March 2022. On average, we’re increasing our day rates by 20% across the board which, unbelievably, still means we’re slightly lower than a lot of the other players out there!

Here’s the sales promotional part

For any project booked and part-invoiced by end of February 2022, we’re happy to apply our 2021 rate card, meaning massive savings on cost, with no compromise on scope or time and expertise applied.

Existing clients have already snapped our little hands off with this offer (as we gave them a first look), so far we’ve had the green light across:

  • Design and build of a new website promoting diversity for the property sector
  • Major design and UX updates to a human rights news desk WordPress website
  • UX and strategy review for a premium, Shopify e-commerce that’s looking to go global
  • New “Donate” widget and new content structure for a headless charitable website
  • New mobile app and major web updates to a WooCommerce e-commerce engine
“We already had this website in our plans for 2022, and we loved what you delivered insight wise during our last project together. Being able to go to the board and say that we’re looking at over 20% saving if we get it underway now, was a no brainer.”

Happy client that we made look even better to her Board

Sign me up, Bravand! What do I need to do to take you up on this once in a five year opportunity?!

All you need to do is get hold of either Jilly or Ross either via email (hello@bravand.com) or get them on LinkedIn, and we can set up a call to talk details.

That’s it – simple really, hope to hear from you soon!

Team Bravand x

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