NFT, or not NFT, that is the question.

Who's down with NFT (erm, no, not me).

I could go on. Actually, I can't. I'm out.

I know pretty much zip about NFTs. But I took these screen shots earlier this year (some time around February, I think) and keep wondering if they are in fact, by definition at least, NFTs.

Let's start with NFT, which stands for Non-Fungible Token. Glad we got that one cleared up.

Fungible means replaceable by another identical item. A £1 coin is fungible, because there are other £1 coins that are identical and all are worth £1. You can just swap one for the other. So non-fungible has to mean unique. It cannot be replaced and if you swapped it for something else, you wouldn't have what you started with. Like the Mona Lisa.

And the token bit is a record on blockchain. Yep, back there again.

So, a Non-Fungible Token is the record of ownership of something that's unique. Have I got that right? Or is it the digital assets (my actual screen shots) that are the tokens?

Then, if I establish that these screen shots are NFTs, I wonder if I could convince anyone that they're worth money. And how much. Sort of like a backwards Fake or Fortune?, only without Fiona Bruce.

The screen shots were taken at 20:22 and 22:22 on 22/02/2022 (for clarity, that's 22nd February - just in case anyone thought it might be the second day of the 22nd month).

22-02-2022 was a palindrome day, named Twosday. A palindrome is a number or word that can be read the same way forwards and backwards.

For some that day holds extra significance. Are these my target buyers? Possibly, although if it holds significance for someone, it's probable they've done this themselves, so maybe not.

There have been plenty of other palindrome days and there will be more. March, next year, will have ten.

However, 22-02-2022 is also an ambigram. Type it into an old school calculator and turn it upside down. You get the same number. You won't get that with threes. Whilst you've got the calculator out, type in 5318008, turn it upside down and pretend you're back at school.

And, the next Twosday won't come around until 22nd February 2202 (22-02-2202), I think, and Threesday won't come around until 30 March 3033 (30-03-3003), again, I think.

So the only way you're going to own this in your lifetime (assuming you don't have one of your own) is to buy mine. So there.

Although others may have done something similar, this one is visually unique. The screen saver image in the background is unique to my phone. And, as it came from my phone, there must be some unique metadata gubbins attributed to it, too, so got bear provenance.

So, are these NFTs? Still not sure. They are unique, so Non-Fungible. Still unsure about the blockchain bit, tho.

Anyone want to make me an offer? -

The screen shot I took that may be an NFT
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