Happy Birthday Bravand

Bravand turned 8 this week.

Not one of the huge milestones, but the level to which this little business of ours has changed in a matter of 12 short months has been astounding and down right scary.

They* say that when a kid turns eight, they start to develop more refined skills, perfecting certain ways of moving, thinking, communicating and feeling from a level that just gets the job done, to a level that’s really very good. They basically start to develop the talents that could potentially define their future.

And that’s how I feel about Bravand.

Ever since we opened our doors, winning our first project on day two and delivering on it only three weeks later, I have been proud of everything this little company has done. I still do a silly clap and dance when I see the design or BETA version of every project we’re working on. And I’ve always promised myself that the business we “bring up” will be one with principles and values.This year, I’m really beginning to see the potential this team has and the people within it.

The model is working

After a lot of cynicism from the traditional agency model world, we're now finally being able to show us how this collective business can really work!

  • our expertise is expanding into areas we never knew possible
  • we’re paying the right expert professional people for each job, as opposed to making do with who we have with availability
  • ...and we’re delivering above and beyond both mine and clients' expectations

For me, it feels like we’re only just beginning to stretch our muscles and figure out exactly what we’re going to be - but my god it’s exciting (terrifying).

Happy birthday Bravand, let’s see what you can do next. x

*They = you know, doctors and stuff...

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