We joined the Gift Card & Voucher Association!

Pssst - guess what - good old us, independent digital agency, Bravand, has only gone ahead and joined the ruddy Gift Card & Voucher Association (GCVA)!

"Why on earth would you do that?", you ask?

Well actually, whilst team Bravand is a definite jack of all sectors in some regard, when it comes to gift cards, we border on master level.

Our experience in the gift card market goes way back:

That’s a lot of gift card clients, people!

As the true voice of the gift card industry, the GCVA is utterly brilliant at serving a wide range of stakeholders:

  • Retailers of all shapes and sizes, from independents to the big four supermarkets
  • Businesses that are providing services to the industry - like us!
  • Pretty much any person or organisation outside the industry that needs a window into it, for pretty much any reason - businesses, media, consumers, academia, etc.

The GCVA achieves this by:

  • Commissioning, publishing and sharing important industry updates, insights, research and data
  • Running campaigns -such as the awesome #GiftCard500 campaign, which ultimately aimed to drive shoppers and spend back to the High Street post-Covid lockdown and restrictions, and won support from the British Retail Consortium, the Association of Town and City Management, and a host of High Street businesses
  • A host of events, including the biggie - their annual conference
  • Bringing together the industry community to network and create opportunities to collaborate

We want to contribute our own two pennies of expertise to that community, but also benefit from it.

So if you’re a member of the GCVA, or if you’re attending one of their events sometime soon, or their huge annual conference in March 2023, we look forward to sharing chit chat, nibbles and knowledge with you there / then.

If you’re just interested in how gift cards work or how you can sell more on the interwebby thingamajig, then give us a nudge via hello@bravand.com.

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