Bravand appointed as UX partner to Sales Made Easy

You know us: we celebrate our wins. Why wouldn’t we when our collective works so ruddy hard to make them happen?

So, when Sales Made Easy asked us to work with them on making their UX really effective, of course we were going to tell you about it. 

Aimed at improving the world of sales, Sales Made Easy offers a sales community, training, and coaching all under one roof, helping businesses achieve their sales targets, support their sales teams and reduce stress. . 

When Bravand and Sales Made Easy first met, chief UXer, Jilly Cross sunk her teeth in with a full business analysis; getting right under the skin of this new start-up (borne out of over 25 years’ experience in the sales sector). Following a presentation of first thoughts on improved user journeys and audience profiles, it was clear the two companies would get on.

After the initial discussion and then response from Jilly, it was clear she knew what she was doing. For her to also turn that level of insight and understanding back in such a short amount of time was a key driver for us to continue working together. We were confident that Team Bravand could deliver the UX expertise we needed.”

Kevin Hayler, Founder - Sales Made Easy

So what kind of ux work are you doing for them, Team Bravand?

Our work with the Sales Made Easy team includes performing a thorough review of their recently-designed website, then we’ll continue to work with them across:

  1. Detailed user journeys of the B2B offering;
  1. System architecture required to support their offering; 
  1. Ongoing optimisation of their sign-up process across individuals and business customers;
  1. Creating and optimising key pages using existing CMS and design. 
It’s always a real pleasure to work knowing you have the full trust of the client; it gives you the freedom to show them what you can really do for them. Partnering with Kevin and his team is no exception. They have an amazing service offering that is proven to help business improve their sales by 24% in six months! What business wouldn’t want that!? So, ensuring that the user journeys to deliver such a great service are seamless and engaging is required to show it off in all its glory. So, that’s what we’re doing to take care of them.”  

Jilly Cross, Founder - Bravand

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