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We want your UX slash UI

Let us improve your sketch life Are you a UX SLASH UI designer? Can you wireframe in a high fidelity manner? Do you know what creating a “design system” in Sketch involves? Have you been playing around with Figma too but are yet to make up your mind? Do you understand that when

We want your UX slash UI2021-03-19T07:03:52+00:00

Bravand & Anti Racism

Published 23rd June 2020 Equal rights & opportunities For years I have considered this tiny little company as beautifully different. Part of that difference was the ever-present intent to run a team that champions equal rights and opportunities for all. And we’ve done okay - for a (growing) team of 9. We

Bravand & Anti Racism2020-09-15T16:15:29+00:00

Bravand appoints Jen Tree for a spot of social content managing

At a time where everyone is sat at their computers, developing and publishing content that will hopefully mean they can ride this thing out, Bravand Limited has gone and hired themselves a freelance content manager. Jen Tree made it official this week by changing her LinkedIn profile. That said, she has been working with

Bravand appoints Jen Tree for a spot of social content managing2020-05-04T19:01:32+00:00

The mullet approach to web design

Team Bravand won a bloody lovely new client in Feb. Now, whilst I’d like to think the sheer dazzling style of the presenter and lead PM was the thing that really nailed it (me, I mean me…), I have since been informed that it was not. It was in fact one slide that summarised

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I know, right?... Don't look a day over five and a half... Last week we turned six… and I’d known that this had been coming for some time and therefore I should write something about it. But how do you write something interesting and clever about being six? I mean, it’s just being

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Survey alert: We need your
(non-personal contact) data

Help us prove a theory wrong We (meaning Jilly) has been attending a number of conferences and events over the last few months, talking about leadership in the digital and tech industry and how we're still struggling to support and promote people from diverse backgrounds into leadership roles. One theory was presented that we

Survey alert: We need your
(non-personal contact) data

The ghosts of projects past.

🎃 👻 By way of celebrating Halloween (and also plugging the hell out of our body of work), we thought we’d share three of our “ghost” projects - ones so old that it wouldn’t be right to put them on the portfolio, but still worth a mention because we loved them and look back

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