If you’re just getting started in the realm of UX journey mapping and website reviews, or you’re about to embark on a review of your own website, these simple three tips from our very own Alexa should help you get started.

Think like a user

When analysing the product put yourself in the user’s shoes – think about the things that you, as a customer, would like to find and be able to access easily. What is the user trying to achieve when going through the website? Does this product meet these needs?

Think about different scenarios too. How would you interact with this product if you were using it on the bus? How about during lunch break in the office? What about if it was recommended to you?

Include everyone

While you may claim that the product is accessible and easy to use for you it doesn’t mean that it is for everyone. You need to consider users of all ages, those less and more tech savvy, those with visual impairments and so on. When you think of all these people, you often discover that the font and buttons are too small and the colour palette too dull.

Don’t be too harsh

This is someone’s baby after all.

Even if you consider the product to be the least user-friendly thing you’ve ever seen, remember that someone spent their time or their money to make it happen. Gently express your feedback and always back it up with research, reports or online tools to prove that it is not only your point of view.

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