with Kelly Topping

1) Find the human angle

Whether you’re in finance, travel, luxury, HR or something completely different, every business is interesting if you can find the human angle. The challenge is to find the stories that resonate with other people, and that means stories about real people. From your customers to your clients, your staff to your community, these are the people that help you to create your products and services, and these are the people that buy your products and services. Find the human angle and your relatability skyrockets.

2) Be consistent

PR is used to help create understanding between your company and its customers, staff, clients and other stakeholders, and it’s a little like education. You wouldn’t expect one lesson to transform a person’s knowledge and understanding, would you? It’s the same with PR. That single press release, no matter how great it is, isn’t going to achieve a huge amount. To be effective, PR has to be consistent, both in terms of regularity and messages.

3) Get your photos ready

The one thing people often forget, or allocate little time to, when they’re starting a PR campaign is photos. Invest in professional photography if you can, but any smartphone has the ability to take good quality images. For digital media, landscape is usually best. And try to suggest a sense of a place in your imagery; your industry, what you do, or the story you’re trying to tell. A good picture with a good story = good coverage.

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