Let us improve your sketch life

  • Are you a UX SLASH UI designer?
  • Can you wireframe in a high fidelity manner?
  • Do you know what creating a “design system” in Sketch involves?
  • Have you been playing around with Figma too but are yet to make up your mind?
  • Do you understand that when we say mobile first we really mean that whilst we’re happy for you to use the space that desktop allows you to map out features and layout, we really need you to see the mobile designs in Zeplin first because 87% of our users on this one are viewing on a mobile?
  • Do you know how to turn design into a prototype using InVision (or Figma, again – undecided)
  • Do you know how to upload to Zeplin?
  • Do you understand what we mean when we say that you have to use hex ref #008080 because that’s the teal in the brand guideline document we sent you and the client brand team will kick off if they see that we’ve deviated?

If this is you, we want to see your work and have a chat about coming to join us.

We’re looking for a freelance UX / UI designer to join Team Bravand to help us deliver a couple of website projects over April and May 2021.

What you need to bring to the table:

  1. You need to have designed websites before and have been paid to do it
  2. You need to have a CV / portfolio that supports point 1
  3. You need to have worked with project managers and a development team in partnership before, taking information in from them and delivering work back to them
  4. You need to have your own hardware and software packages
  5. You need to have somewhere remote to work
  6. You need to be able to work professionally in the country that you reside in
  7. You need to be able to present your work and vision to someone else in a reasonable manner, we’re not talking TED talk standards here, but communication is pretty key…

The not so small print

Apply only if:

  • You love designing websites and digital experiences that work for the users they’re aimed at – not for the designer designing them
  • You’re happy to take feedback from both an SEO expert and an accessibility expert throughout the design process
  • You’re available to work full time* during April and May 2021
  • You’re willing to accept up to £300 a day

*we’re not sure what this means as we’re fully flex – the main point is that you’re not saying you’re free to work when you actually have a job and think you can “fit this in”. This is live work, we’ll need your attention.

What to do next

Get that CV / portfolio / whatever proof you have of the above brief over to hello@bravand.com and we’ll do the rest.

We try to get back to everyone but sometimes that isn’t always possible.

Speak to you soon! x

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