We can’t remember the last time we didn’t have to use the dreaded C word in one of our articles.

No not that one. Covid-19.

The ability to learn is just one of the many aspects of life which has changed significantly in 2020. When we joined the Heart of the City programme at the start of 2020, which you can learn more about from our founder Jilly below, the ability to share our collective knowledge with fellow SMEs was high on our agenda.

Video credit: Heart of the City.

We created a ‘beginner’s guide’ workshop, utilising the knowledge from our talent pool. We’d pictured a nice big room, group tasks, networking, ideas-sharing, post-its, and snacks. But then everything changed.

When we started the planning at the beginning of the year, we hadn’t expected to get so good at Zoom. I don’t even think Zoom expected to get so good at Zoom.

We beavered away to transform our workshop into a series of interactive online sessions, aiming to create an “in the room” vibe that would still allow attendees to connect with each other as well as with us. We covered Facebook & Google Ads…

Product Management…

Plus UX Research, Social Media Strategy, and Insights & Analytics in five jam-packed sessions throughout May and June (view some clips from our other hosts here.)

The best news?

We recorded all of them, and we’ll be sharing them in full, along with presentation slides. Sign up to our brand-new newsletter here, to receive them free of charge from the last week of September throughout October.

Being a responsible business means a lot to us, and running free workshops has been a simple way of us getting involved in our community, throughout the last six months of restrictions and uncertainty. But it doesn’t end there. We’ve got plenty of workshop ideas in the pipeline, and you’ll catch us hosting sessions for other organisations too. Next up is Design Thinking on 24th September, hosted by our founder Jilly for Work.Life, and you can book a spot here.

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