A recurring theme

When we edited our ‘Beginner’s Guide’ workshop video series last month, we noticed that ‘knowing your audience’ was a recurring theme from host to host. It’s a leading component of what so many of us do. Web Design. App Development. Social Media Strategy. Facebook Ads. Google Analytics. Branding.

If you’re an SME putting together a plan, whether it’s building a new website or constructing a marketing strategy, you’ll need to know who your audience is first.

What you know, what you think you know, and what you know you don’t know.

Let us explain…

So now you’ve outlined what you need to find out, it’s time to look at the data and build your audience personas. How? Continue onto clip two below.

Why audience data matters.

We know it seems like a lot of work, but the research will pay off. Here’s a bit more info from our workshop hosts:

Featured in our workshop videos is our Insight & Strategy Director Ross Musgrove, our Google Analytics & Data queen Margaux Marshall and our Social Media & Content Manager Jen Tree. We’ll be sharing our full workshop series in September, complete with full videos and slides, so keep your eyes peeled on our social media next week for our brand new newsletter signup details.

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