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As a collective of digital problem solvers, and non-climate change deniers, we’ve been making moves to pull our socks up and become a fully-fledged responsible business. From going green to supporting our local community of SME’s, it’s all happenin’ here at Bravand…

Aside from paying our people on time, a significant responsibility-focus for companies like us is our environmental impact. We binned the use of single-use plastic ages ago here at Bravand HQ (which includes two people under the age of four,) but was that enough? ‘Course not.

Goats and Erjjio

As goats return to the gardens of Welsh neighbourhoods and Pandas are getting their freak on in our absence, we can start looking to the online world to continue the healing for our old mate Earth.

We started by looking at how we could reduce our carbon footprint, and moved, Rialto Consulting, RALI and Property Needs You to green hosting using Erjjio. They provide solid planet-friendly (and reasonably priced) web hosting, they’re local to us here in Hackney AND have an inspirational start-up story. We’ve always been big fans of using tech for good, so we fell in love with their ethical approach to hosting kick-ass websites.

If you’re new to the knowledge that the internet can harm the environment then yeah, it does. In Erjjio’s own words, “The Internet has a surprisingly large environmental impact because of the energy guzzled by data centres behind the scenes.”

Nice one Ben

As well as using 100% renewable energy to host our website, they’ve helped us reduce the carbon emissions we were producing by identifying what we could change (who knew large image size was such an energy use vampire?). Erjjio founder Ben Clifford has worked closely with us throughout the optimisation process, helping us to finally achieve official green accreditation. SWEET.

So what does this mean for Bravand in the long term? Going green has been a huge goal for us, and we’re proud to have made these steps forward. So, not only will we be offering green hosting via Erjjio as an option for all Bravand packages in the future, but we’ll be optimising our own design projects to reduce their carbon footprint too. To top it all off, we’re well on our way to bagging accreditation for Rialto, RALI and Property Needs You.

More goody-two-shoes sh*t

As part of our overwhelming need to feel like good people, we joined the Heart of the City Foundation Programme last year. This is a fantastic initiative to get businesses involved in their community and led us to create a free ‘beginners guide’ series of workshops. We’re sharing our knowledge of UX, product management & digital marketing capability with the people who really need it. Wanna join one? Next up is How to get your business noticed using Google & Facebooks Ads. We’d love to see you there.

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