Yep, we gone done ourselves a bit o’ print, y’all!

How does a small, nimble, pretty darn creative collective of digital professionals get themselves in front of clients that they really want to work with?

  • Email? That’s a whole lot of data work for a channel that considers a 7% open rate as mind-glowingly successful – also, “creative email” seems like an oxymoron to us…
  • Linkedin? – no, just…no *shudders*
  • Turn up at their offices unannounced with corporately appropriate gifts and a nifty 10 minute creds presentation? Biiiit stalkerish – a lot of these people have on-site security

Nope, after much deliberation, maybe a few Gin and Tings (yep – it’s a thing here, and you should try it, responsibly..) we decided to do PRINT. YES PRINT.

After years of promising ourselves we would never go back to that never ending final-final_nonowfinal_v3.pdf process, we’ve gone and create a ruddy card game about us!

BEHOLD! The first EVER Bravand card game! Now on its way out in the post to a limited number of organisations that we think could do with our help!

So what’s the jist?
Well… over the past few years we’ve seen the shape of our projects change. Clients coming to us don’t always need that full-service digital agency offer that we go on about, and with our collective model, that is TOTALLY fine.

Take our friends at Newable, for whom we bring the UX, the user testing, the ideas, and the design, and that’s it – their wonderful in-house team then takes what we do and handles the code in-house. Or Jessica at Monadd, who came to us with a brilliant idea and a lot of interest, but just wanted someone create a beautiful UI prototype for her to then go out with for investment…

Of course, not everyone knows exactly what they need when they meet us – they just have a bl*ody difficult challenge that they want us to sort out with / for them.

Sound familiar? Want a pack of cards? Then fill out the form below and you can be the proud owner of the exclusive, highly sought after, collectible, “let’s hope this works” silly idea…

Speak soon, yeah?

Team Bravand x

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