If you’ve read our post about our new site, then you’ll have read that we haven’t finished with it – nope, not on your nelly…

So in the spirit of full disclosure, here’s a list of the stuff we know we need to do to the site, and will be over the next few months:

  • Our values section – we typically only present these in person but a few people have said we should get them out in the open
  • Better contact form – it’s basic, we can do a lot better
  • FAQs section – there are a lot of Qs we get asked a lot and are happy to answer them in public, so we shall
  • Where to meet us section – we go to a lot of events, may as well share that
  • More case studies – we have a lot more work to show
  • Improved navigation and IA – we know our nav isn’t 100% perfect, so we’re going to keep on working on that
  • A look at our icons – Emma won’t stop fiddling with them
  • Social feeds – well we’re finally beginning to post on Insta, may as well plug them in, right?
  • Video – we want an about us video, and we know video is the best way to get your story across, but Jilly’s not too happy with her hair right now so it’s not the right time (yet…)
  • Chatbot – yeah, we just want one – and we’ve got some excellent ideas on what to do with one…


Well then give us a suggestion and tell us what you’d like us to do on here, darling! There’s a wee contact form below designed just for that…


Tell us your thoughts

The top 10 list above is what we think we should be doing with this site – but you’re the viewer, and we value your opinion – so tell us, what do you think we should do to improve it?

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