Welcome to our new website

– launched in October 2018 and, to ruthlessly steal an old strapline from a major quality retailer, never knowingly finished. We have to admit, this journey has been hard. If we were to do it again, we’d probably hire a web design agency to do it for us (so THAT’s why people do that!) but we’re pleased with the results – it truly reflects who we are and what we’re about and we think it tells the people that visit it whether we’re the team for them or not.

So here’s THREE BIG THINGS we thought we’d share about this site:

  1. It’s built using the WordPress Avada freelance theme.
    Yep – we used a theme – and in all honesty, why the hell not? We discussed bespoke build and how we could do it and in all honesty, there really was no need. The theme provided about 80% of what we needed functionality wise, leaving us only 20% functional jiggery pokery to do ourselves. This meant we could spend our very valuable time working on client projects rather than our own.
  2. Despite this – it still took f*cking ages
    That we even got this site live is a miracle, and mainly down to coffee and techno playlists on Spotify. Content is a killer to those that have to create it about their own business – and those profile write ups still need another look. Honestly, outsource that sh*t if you can.
    It ain’t over yet
  3. We’re still working on this bad boy – and will probably never stop (Is a website ever truly finished? Discuss…). We feel that this release contains the bare bones of what we need to show what we’re about, but we have a long list of improvements and additional bits and pieces we want to build. We’ll be sharing updates on here as we launch them (No, we are not doing QR codes – and neither should you).

So take a look around, give us your views (there’s a feedback form tucked away – just click the + icon on the homepage), and please feel free to share with anyone you know that is in need of some digital design help. After all, we’ve put the hours in, now we better get some new bloody work to pay for it.

Cheers for now,

Founder – Bravand


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