Where have all the baldies gone?

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What am I?

I wear thick rimmed glasses …

I am usually angry about something, but nobody knows what …

I speak in riddles …

I am bald …

I am a Creative Director.

There was a time when every great digital agency employed a thick rimmed glasses touting bald Creative Director. I can recall on several occasions walking into a pitch and the client saying to me “You must be the Creative Director” … “Indeed I am, how did you guess?”

Those were the glory days my friends. But they are DEAD. DEAD I tells ya.

I recently attended a brilliant Glug London Event (#GlugLdn) at Shoreditch Town Hall with my business partner. There were several hundred attendees; we listened to some amazing presentations and heard some beautiful stories of team collaboration. There was not enough wine … but I digress … as we stood in the lobby waiting for the presentations to start we noticed the distinct lack of baldies in the room. ‘What’s going on here then?’ we remarked … “Where are all the bald Creative Directors?”

A few years ago an event like Glug would have been filled with baldies, resembling a massive box of eggs. Creatives are retaining their hair for longer it seems … and not only that … they are ‘styling’ it … styling it! How dare they; these young whippersnappers … who do they think they are?

I have a theory …

Creativity is a beautiful process – but it’s a challenging one, even painful at times. As a creative you constantly have to problem solve – to call it a job would be misguided, good creatives love what they do … because nobody would choose this career for the money! Every great creative is a craftsman, often pining over the smallest details, pulling your hair out over development teams that don’t ‘see your vision’ and clients changing what should be blue to pink … although it was better when it was blue. It’s staying blue.

It seems to me that maybe our young creative talent isn’t being challenged enough … or maybe they are not challenging themselves enough.

Becoming bald and purchasing your first pair of thick rimmed glasses is a rite of passage for a creative. It’s a uniform – a uniform I’m proud to wear.

So I say stand up baldies. It’s time for the bald revolution – it’s time for us to return to our thrones of creative power and wear our crowns of … er … well … nothing. Our presence has been stifled too long by the follically blessed. Be proud creative baldies … because as the old saying goes … hair today, gone tomorrow.