Springtime growth – how Bravand took a different approach to international expansion.

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Spring is our favourite season. And what’s not to love? Its almost like the whole season has a positive mental attitude. Perfectly nestled between the “its too cold” and “its too hot” moans and groans, commuter travel is (almost) bearable, bank holidays start, and we have Easter – by far the best holiday of the year.


This Spring has been particular positive for Team Bravand and in a way that (to be honest) we never expected… Whilst we’re always on the hunt for new, interesting, challenging projects, this Spring has seen a whole raft of businesses join our beautiful client list – and almost all of them outside of the UK. We are, indeed, very proud to be working on projects across New York, Texas, California and Dubai as well as in and around our beloved UK.


Before you ask, no, we haven’t just phoned around family members who’d moved country and ask if they wanted a website… neither have we spent a fortune on international travel or an international sales office / team. Instead, we have spent the last few months working with the Global Services Exchange from Blur Group.


To sum up how this platform works – Blur works with companies and brands that are looking for services like ours. They sort out the brief with the client, then post it up on their discipline-based pitch listings for Experts like us to take a look at and pitch for the work. We submit our pitch through the platform; each pitch is reviewed by both Blur and the client team and one team is appointed based on the merits of their pitch and nothing more…


Not rocket science, we admit, but this platform has without a doubt got our name and our skills in front of decision-makers and companies that we would never have had the opportunity to meet and work with before we joined the exchange, not without a very large travel expense account anyway…


What’s more, it’s a great way to do away with some of the pitch nightmares we’d all like to get rid of – no nepotism, no exhausting pitch days that take all day for clients to get through, no fighting back and forth about the budget (its already set) – all of which means we get to spend our time doing what we’re best at – the work.


But the most revolutionary way that this partnership has continued to shape our growth has to be how it has opened up whole new territories for us to work in – although we do now get the chance to blame them for our extended working hours…