How does it feel to work in the British design and digital industry?

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Week two of 2013 and we’re being bombarded with trend reports for the year ahead, top 10 things to do / not to do and wot not.


However, one report in our inbox this week certainly caught our interest, as it does every year. Now in its 4th season, The Design Industry Voices  report gives a snapshot of what our contemporaries feel about the state of the sector that keeps us getting up in the morning.


Here are some top line stats from the report – you can view and download the full shebang here by going to

  • 59% of agency staff intend  to change job this year
  • More staff than ever before are sharing their views on work via social media (34.6%)
  • Less than half of respondents agreed that they understand how to design in a way that is accessible for people with disabilities
  • 89.35 of respondents listed selected “Values ideas and opinions” as a very important agency attribute
  • Clients expect more work for less money (who knew??!!!)


Overall the report makes very good reading and has certainly inspired us in terms of where we see Bravand developing as a team and a culture.


All credit to Fairley & Associates, Gabriele Skelton and On Pointe Marketing for a worthwhile read.