Hacking – from underground criminality to brand experience

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The word “hack” now has so many meanings (seriously, check out Wikipedia). What is clear is that we’ve come a long way from it referring to nameless underground anarchists hell bent on breaching their local supermarket’s website. Hacking has turned from something negative and underground to something productive, useful, fun, and even fashionable (I promised I wouldn’t say rock stars… as that is just ridiculous).


Brands and media are increasingly connecting themselves to this practice, with Cadbury’s sponsorship of Digital Shoreditch’s mobile hack-a-jam-mashup-athon and World Bank’s Waterhackathon which got almost 1000 devs competing to build the best solution to challenges in water to name a few… to hack to do something clever, or do something good, what is clear is that coders are now officially cool. Who knew?