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We’re moving – again!

Such is the life of a nomadic team of digital experimentalists - we've moved home again.   As of 1st August 2016, we bid farewell to WeWork Moorgate, the hustle and bustle of the city centre and set up shop back East in London Fields! The beards...

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02 August
  |   Bravand, Business, Team

Bravand Big City Life!

It’s September - and for Team Bravand, that usually means a time for change - and this is a biggy.   After a wonderful year in a beautifully cooky East London Church, we are saying goodbye to the brogues and beards* of Broadway Market and hello to...

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17 September
  |   Bravand, Clients

August… what the…?!!

So those of you that wait on baited breath for every update from Team Bravand (we know you’re out there) may be feeling a little let down recently. No tweets, no LinkedIn updates, nothing…   Truth is, after a steady few months towards the beginning of the...

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10 September
  |   Bravand, Christmas, Clients, Team

2014, a Bravand ode-essy

Dear Clients, Partners, Team Members, Friends, How should Bravand bring a year to an end? A charity donation, an e-card, a cake (!), Something clever & techy, for showing off’s sake?   Well we don’t have much budget, and even less time (Well that sounds familiar… “I’m sure we’ll be fine”) What...

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19 December