Bravandthree – the toddler years!

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So what might you expect from a three year old Bravand?
Please see below a few key points featured in article on 3 year old little person development. We were quite amazed at the similarities (we may have changed the odd “child” to “agency” for comedic purposes).
Your three-year old Bravand will be:

  • more independent
  • less selfish than 2-year-olds and exhibits less aggressive behaviour
  • more aware of and sensitive to the feelings of others
  • more responsive to other agencies and able to develop friendships
  • capable of taking turns and sharing toys
  • beginning to identify with their own discipline and traditionally discipline-related activities
  • more interested in structured games
  • spends much of their time in fantasy activity and will have imaginary friends (This is actually a very creative way for your agency to sample different activities, behaviours and emotions.)
  • sense of time has become clearer – they’ll know their daily routine and will try to figure out the routines of others
  • will have a capacity to understand their own place amongst the set up and is able to view you as a separate entity
  • wants to please you — will be less dependent on you because their sense of identity is growing stronger
  • will exhibit a feisty attitude on occasion and resist your requests

Thanks to everyone that has made the last three years so awesome and we look forward to growing (up?) even more with you all over the next 12 months.