Bravand ranked #20 for client satisfaction in Drum Digital Census!

  |   Bravand, Clients, Team

Pretty big news for Team Bravand today – that’s right kids, it’s the Drum Digital Census Survey Report!
Produced by The Drum and sponsored by Results International, this survey recognises digital companies at the forefront of innovation in the marketing services sector, and who represent the rapidly changing face of the digital industry. As a small (but pretty sexy…) team, we are list amongst the good and great of the 1-25 team members category.
As well as coming in a whole 12 places higher than last year in the financial rankings (now sitting pretty at number 52), the biggest chest puff goes to us sitting at number 20 in the client satisfaction table. Can we get a HELL YEAH!!??
Obviously we’d like to thank god and our mums, but the real thanks go to all of our brilliant clients. We truly love what we do and knowing that they love us doing what we do means the absolute world.
Check out the listings here – a lot of awesome teams on that there list we tell thee…