Bravand Big City Life!

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It’s September – and for Team Bravand, that usually means a time for change – and this is a biggy.
After a wonderful year in a beautifully cooky East London Church, we are saying goodbye to the brogues and beards* of Broadway Market and hello to the big city life of Moorgate!
As of the 1st October 2015 we shall be calling the WeWork Moorgate community our home and we simply can’t wait to move in.
With our own little space in the world, beautiful and fantastic facilities for both our team and our clients, and a community of businesses of all shapes, sizes and sectors, this means year 3 of Team Bravand is destined to be the biggest yet.
So, if you fancy popping over to check the new pad out, just give us a shout.
Bring on the big shoulder pads!!!
Bravand x

*there are still quite a lot of beards in Moorgate…