BOOM. Another 5 things we’re bravandloving

  |   Design, Photography

Inspired by the ‘5 things we’re bravandloving’ last week, we decided to push the boat out and
do another 5 things we’re bravandloving (there is no room in this studio for original thought)!


Dove Real Beauty Sketches
We look at a lot of work during our week, but one project that stood out from the crowd was Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches. Following on from their lovely Thought Before Action Photoshop tool, Dove are really on fire this year with their concepts and quality of their campaign executions. Check dis …


Scion GhostGlass
Prepared to be chilled to the bone with the potential of this little cracker in trade show and experiential experiences …


Faces Pinterest board
We like faces. We like talking at them; we like having them talk at us. But as we all know it’s often the things people don’t say that is more telling than the things they do say. A user experience is the same, although a journey has to be thought about and it has to have a purpose, we also believe it should give the user some kind of emotional connection. So can an inanimate experience or object feel? We believe so; the evidence is all around us …


Technology allows us to have continuous multi-sensory experiences wherever and whenever we desire, but often overlooked is the role of sound design in a user experience, how sound transcends culture and language, and how it can add incredible value to a visual experience – sometimes even change the experience completely. We recently discovered the work of DinahMoe, check them out


We can’t stop saying it. People we know are saying it. People we don’t know are saying it, at least that’s what the people saying it said, so if you’re not saying it yet, maybe you should be saying it …