August… what the…?!!

  |   Bravand, Clients

So those of you that wait on baited breath for every update from Team Bravand (we know you’re out there) may be feeling a little let down recently. No tweets, no LinkedIn updates, nothing…

Truth is, after a steady few months towards the beginning of the Summer – for some reason, August decided to PUMMEL US TO WITHIN AN INCH OF OUR DIGITAL LITTLE LIVES with an onslaught of shizzle that meant we could not longer keep p*ssing about on social media, and simply had to get our heads down and focus on the jobs in hand.

Main highlight of this sexiest of months include the official launch of the Topaz Marine Safety Observation app – the first of a kind app for global safety observation across a global fleet of vessels – case study coming soon!!

We’ve also been knocking through the design and development of the new Life Study website – we’re so excited about this going live in the Autumn we could squeak… AND, we’ve been doing some serious testing on one of the most anticipated fishing apps going (no, we’re not telling you).

We kick-started the redesign and build of our FIRST EVER CLIENT’s website, Property Needs You, which we anticipate will launch on our 3rd birthday… and we’ve been working with Keen as Mustard’s creative team, handling the development of the next generation website for Dub – now this one is going to look very good indeed…

…. and there’s more new stuff kicking off – we’ve started working with the beauties that are White Label UK on some beautiful boozy projects… and we’ve started the UX process on an amazing web app concept that we super excited about, mainly because it involves food.

So yeah, August – you were no holiday (and none of us could take any either – yeah, we did that…) but you have been amazing.

Cheers yeah? 🙂

Image credit: Lewis Tse Pui Lung /