2014, a Bravand ode-essy

  |   Bravand, Christmas, Clients, Team

Dear Clients, Partners, Team Members, Friends,
How should Bravand bring a year to an end?
A charity donation, an e-card, a cake (!),
Something clever & techy, for showing off’s sake?
Well we don’t have much budget, and even less time
(Well that sounds familiar… “I’m sure we’ll be fine”)
What we do have is memories, 12 months of them. Fact.
And without you we wouldn’t – so thank you for that.
From websites for apples, to fisherman hacks,
From half naked athletes, to mum-to-be labs,
From cartoon site platforms, to publishing sites,
To design version 7 for market insights 😉
From stations for stories, to afternoon teas,
Property campaigns to the best travel deals,
Through pitches, scopings, brainstorms and hacks,
Impossible deadlines, to banking by fax
Through losing chief crayons 🙁 … to gaining new suits,
To the number of mobiles one person can lose…!
New offices, new clients, new projects, new staff,
You’ve made it so special, and also a laugh.
Merry Christmas and all the very best for the New Year.